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Welcome to REIVE

The aim with project REIVE – Smart Grids with Electric Vehicles (2010-2012) was to develop and test an innovative technological platform to help manage and control the power grid using advanced interfacing devices for electric vehicles and microgeneration systems.

The project made it possible to define suitable technological solutions for the power grid which can promote a progressive and sustained change to the current mobility paradigm. At the same time, the project has boosted a progressive integration of microgeneration systems and renewable energies in the Portuguese electrical system.

The Laboratory of Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles, which was a result of project REIVE, constitutes a pioneering and unique technological infrastructure to identify, specify, develop and test innovative solutions to actively and intelligently manage electric power grids.

For the first time in Portugal!
This laboratory infrastructure makes it possible to test, for the first time in Portugal, advanced hardware and software to manage and control power grids in an almost real environment.